Get rid of your heelpain NOW
even in spite of a heelspur!

"Only few people having a heelspur do have heelpain. The majority with heelpain does not have a heelspur."

Do you really like to get rid of your heelspur?

If so, then you should read this article about heelpain very carefully - it might mean the end to your torture.
It could mean, that you can have pain free days like you did have a long time ago.

Let me explain the connection between heelpain and heelspur:

Did you know, that only a few people with a heelspur do have heelpain? The big majority of persons who have a heelspur do NOT have heelpain.
Make a test right now: Can you actually feel your heelspur? Grab your heel and actually try to find the bone that protrudes from your heel. Do you feel it? If so, congratulations, you actually have a heelspur. Since you are reading so far - be sure to read the rest, because it can mean an end to your pain!
Know this: A heelspur is NOT the cause of your heelpain. Those pains do have other origins than that bony thing. Let me repeat: The bony protrusion called a heelspur is NOT the cause of your pain! The cause is something else - read on!

Chances are, that you did not find a heelspur, but you have the pain. Here I will reveal a method to get rid of the pain!

Some years ago my girlfriend started to complain about heelpain. Actually, complaining is not the right word for it. She was tortured by it, and that's what is was: Torture!
She could hardly walk, and this is not really funny, if you have 3 large dogs, that insist on a walk for at least one hour a day thru forests and meadows.

If you know dogs, you know that they insist on their walk. They request it in no uncertain terms, and there is no escape from this - you cannot do anything else unless their desire is met. They simply don't accept any excuse you might bring forward - ok - you know what I mean! Dogs can be cruel!

This heelpain talks to you - it makes it completely clear that you better don't walk a lot, that you definitely don't jog, that it would be much better to stop any activity that might look like a sport, and it insists, that you really listen to it.
That's the kind of pain you have, and which you might think is caused by this heelspur.

Finally you understand - no more sports, only slow and careful walking, and full attention to your pain! You start thinking in terms of your problem.

Your heelpain insists that you honour it. Wherever, whenever.

And, something the newcomers to this torture don't know yet, but the initiated fear like hell: in the coming cold months this heelpain will be much more intensive. My suggestion: start now to get rid of it in due time. Make an end to your heelpain NOW!

My girlfriend did consult with medical professionals, with orthopodic specialists who would customize her shoes, with sports experts. She did pay a lot of money to these experts. It was very enlightening to compare the opiniouns of them all: 5 Experts - 8 Opinions. Probably you know what I am talking about.

No problem, if this would have put an end to this pain. But, the more expensive the customized insoles, the more brutal her heelpain was.

Of course she did receive suggestions for therapy from these health profits:

If you look at these suggestions, you find the common thing to them all: it takes a lot of money - your money to implement them, and they don't resolve the problem heelpain at the root.
Would you like to walk with difficulty for the rest of your life, and be dependant on an infusion?

I think, it would be a great idea to do whatever it takes to be able to move naturally, like you did before the heelpain got you.
For myself - these suggestions make me shudder! For me, that's crippling "therapies"!

Unfortunately not even one of the medical experts or orthopodic professionals did mention the real cause of the heelpain to my girlfriend.
Did they not know them, or did they try to keep a business running with her?
The suggested "therapies" would make a lot of money for them, and once initiated, the patient would be a valuable economic asset for the "health industry".

A few minutes ago I have told my girlfriend, that a customer learnt from his doctor, that that he would not have heelpain, but "Plantar Fasziitis". She nearly flipped.

First: The use of latin language in this context is simply used to prevent the customer from understanding the cause of his problems. The cause of his problem is an inflammation!

Second: It is simply mean, if the health professional does not encourage his customer to at least try to practice simple natural methods to get rid of his heelpain.
Just give our system a try and then consider our super-guarantee! Use the method, and if it does not help you, simply have a refund!

Do you really like to be an economic asset to some health professional? Do you really like to help reduce national debits even if you are almost unable to walk?

My girlfriend did not wish to take this role, and I have backed her up. Of course - you keep talking about this problem, and finally she started to really study her problem. The result: A method that did reduce her heelpain and finally produced a complete healing. Now she can do strenous hikes in the mountains with me again, and has no problems no more.

The result of her studies is a method, that reduces the heelpain after a few weeks to nothing...

and which is so potent, that right now, two years later, she can hike with me again without any fear of relapsing into this crippling heelpain.

We have made a write-up, and now, for the first time, you can profit from our experience and get rid of your heelpain. Completely. That is, if you keep working towards your goal!

Why should you believe me and our method to get rid of heelpain?

I have studied physics and mathematics. That's not exactly the profession to write such a text.
But - this education results in a special view of the world - you start looking at the cause of something.
You don't start just anywhere, you start looking at the cause of something. You keep looking deeper and deeper.
Finally, I strongly disrespect any activity that does not treat the cause, but instead works at some symptoms of a cause.

You can rest assured, that I present you a method, that goes stright to the very cause of the problem. The method we present you here has proven it's usefulness, and our customers report quick fading of their heelpain.

However, I am not the guy who promisises results without your very own contribution.
No illusions here:
If you are one of the persons who expect something for nothing, this method to get free of heelpain is not for you!
Just stop reading here and do something that has nothing to do with your problem.
Simply stop here! You won't get anything that will help you.

Regarding your heelpain, you have to be active and you need to do certain exercises and other stuff, nothing complicated, but something that is necessary to conquer your heelpain.

You need to be a person that sticks to his decisions. Your heelpain is one of the very stubborn entities.  You need to really conquer it, to defeat it, and to really get it smashed. That's not hard to do - but it takes doing.

You may think that my words do not convince you yet. Ok, no problem, but may I suggest that you subscribe to my free newsletter on the left. You will learn some things to improve your posture and other stuff, all natural ways to improve yourself.

Now let me ask you one question: how many opinions about your heelpain did you collect so far? We can say 5 experts, 8 opinions.

But - did some expert tell you, that relatively simple activities can result in a complete healing of your heelpain? That there are no further costs involved?

You can experience this yourself!

Just remember what you have been told: have these sugestions been successful? Are you free of pain now?
If so - why do you still read this letter and waste your time?

Did the health experts tell you that nearly all cases of heelpain can be completely healed within 9 months of certain exercises?

Some customers report results after just one week of doing our method! That's fast! Don't expect such fast improvements - but they show it can be done and it is being done.

Did the experts tell you, that a heelspur is nearly never the cause of your heelpain?
That nearly nobody with pain has a heelspur?

Do you really have a heelspur?

My girlfriend did not have one, and yet she did have heelpain. And, because of missing information, she did pay lots of money to get useless customized insoles for her shoes. And that in spite of the knowledge of the specialists.
To avoid this costly situation, simply get a clear diagnosis.

Here is a summary of what you will receive in our report against heelpain:

You get a full explanation of how heelpain comes into being.

With this information you can easily know what is good for you, and what will contribute to your healing.

You will get all the necessary explanations, which tell you what to do to conquer your heelpain.

As a result you will be able to do your favourite sports again as you did in your youth, and you will be free to move again as you like.

Whatever you need to do - everything is clearly illustrated and explained.

You won't have any problems to execute whatever is necessary!

You will be your own expert for your very own illness, and you will be able to prevent a relaps.

Save the time that you did need to get treatment of your health care professionals, and instead start doing whatever you like most. Save the money,and spend it for your friends for whatever you like the most!

This report will show you your map to freedom of heelpain

You will know how to conquer your heelpain, and how to prevent a relapse.

The one critical information you need

Without this one critical information you probably will not succeed!

You receive tips about what do do to faciliate your recovery.

You'll know what to do, what to avoid, when to do what.

2 components make your full recovery from heelpain possible

With these two components you will navigate to your success.

You will learn six easy to do exercises that will destroy your heelpain, even if you can hardly walk and are completely anti-sport

These simple exercises have proven time and again, that they will make healing of heelpain possible.

These exercises are very easy to do.

You can do these exercises in your home, you can do them while watching TV, talking to your friends, you don't waste extra time to commute to your therapist. You can do them whenever you like to do them.

The author herself will answer your questions.

She has walked the path, she knows the obstacles, and she can give you the crucial information you may need to keep going!

You will not be mutilated by cutting operations in your flesh, by sticking needles in your heel, or other  technical things put into your body.

You will be able to walk, dance, jog, hike as you did before. Your healing success is only determined by you.

So far, this has been my view of this topic.
Let my girlfriend tell you her story herself.
Then you will know, whether this report to get rid of heelpain can be helpful for you.

It started when I decided to do something good to me: I did treat myself a pair of customized insoles for my sport shoes. My intention was to prevent damage to my feet during exercise and hiking.
It did not take long, and I was plagued with heelpain in both heels.

For the next 2 years I suffered this heelpain and I kept myself busy visiting medical experts, orthopodic professionals and physical therapists. Not even one of them could help me.

To the contrary: the expensive insoles I had made to get rid of my hellpain actually made them worse.

The sugested therapy included: getting very painful injections in the sole of my feet, getting an katheter implanted in my calf and running down to my nonexisting heelspur for administering pain-killers throu it. Or I would have to take pain-medication for life.

I did not take an operation into consideration, since I did not have a heelspur, and the procedure is known to be far from always successful.

Sometimes I did not know how to walk at all. Especially after getting up in the morning, the pain was often unbearable. If I tried to tiptoe, the heelpain would extend all over my sole of my foot.

Jogging or hiking where things I would not even think about.

Additionally I made almost every mistake one could make. Nobody could give me really helpful tips about how to behave with this heelpain. Because of this wrong behaviour the illness became chronic.

In my desperation I bought different kinds of shoes that were supposed to improve the situation. They didn't help in any way. The only thing that did help me a little, have been flat shoes with a very soft padding.

I did surf the internet and found only medical institutions that offered very costly methods of therapy, with no guarantee of success. The same was true of the orthopodic practitioners. Lot's of expensive stuff, but no advice for self help.

Since nobody could help me, I studied the whole problem myself, and finally, after extensive researching and testing arrived at my method of heelpain therapy. This method did, after applying it meticuously for some weeks, indeed completely relieve me from my heelpain.
Now, after more than two years of health, I can say that my heelpain is gone for good.

Here is your chance to reduce your heelpain within a few weeks only!

Just imagine how you would feel, if you could walk, jog or dance again without heelpain as you did when you were younger.
Wouldn't you do everything to regain this state?
Wouldn't this be worthwhile to give it at least a serious trial right now?
If not now, what would be the right time to get rid of your pain?

My girlfriend has her heelpain completely done away with. Of course, this is far from a clinical proof. But how helpful would it be for you to wait, until the therapy has been clinically proven beyond any doubt? Have you been invited to participate in such a clinical study?
No - you have not been invited - and the reason is simple: No money is to be made with this working therapy!
My suggestion:
Give yourself a chance to experience this heelpain relieve within the next few weeks, applying an easy to follow method that does not cost you a dime to implement, and which will not leave you crippled for life.
Experience shows, that 9 months are more than enough to get completely rid of your heelpain.
In the case of my girlfriend it happened much faster!

In a nutshell - here is my offer to help you combat heelpain:

You receive within minutes:

If you buy this e-book now, you pay only 29,95 Euro + 5,69 SalesTax = 35,64 Euro total.
There is no cost for mailing, since the book is delivered electronically.

You cannot loose with this deal!
I give you a rock solid 100% guarantee, that you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product!

Yes - You got it right: 1 Year full money back guarantee, if the method does not work in your case, and if you cannot feel the difference. (The German law requires only 14 days money back guarantee.)

My only condition: VOID.

To sum it up: You use the method one full year - that's 365 days, and if you don't feel healed, you tell me and I refund your money.

Which means, you need not make the final decision right now! Use the method, and if it does not help you to get rid of your heelpain, you get the refund.

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To your success,

Claus Gregor

P.S. Think about it: You could be free of heelpain in a few weeks!

P.P.S. Really - you have no excuse to not give yourself a chance to recover: you have my guarantee for a full refund for as long as one full year! 


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